Liberty Associates prides itself on helping its clients achieve and exceed their business goals. Through the following services, we drive top performance:

Comprehensive Functional Area Assessments

We will look at all of the functional areas of your operations and compare your processes, controls and results to benchmarked best practices in the electric utility business. The end product is a comprehensive detailed report that identifies and describes a list of specific gaps and weaknesses that (when closed) will drive measurable business improvement.

Gap Closure Plans

Using the functional area assessment as a basis, Liberty will develop a detailed plan (playbook) to prioritize and close gaps that are critical to improving performance. Policies, processes, and procedures will underpin and document these changes to ensure that improvements will be sustained even when your personnel changes.

Management Structure and Controls

Liberty will design and implement a lean management/governance structure that assigns clear roles and responsibilities and ensures targeted performance accountability. Robust management controls are employed to ensure ownership of all goals and results.

Identifying and Measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Liberty will create a book of KPIs that measure all functional areas of your operations. These metrics will allow you to understand and analyze recent performance as well as long-term trends in critical business areas including (but not limited to) safety, quality, production, support services, and financials.